5 Steps To Build a Better Recruiting Pipeline

[Banner] 5 Steps To Build A Better Recruiting Pipeline

Recruiting pipelines are an efficient way to visualize your hiring process. Each pipeline corresponds to one job – the process, however, can be templated. In the hiring process, qualified candidates enter from one end and pass through different stages such as sourcing, screening, or skills testing.

One of the best ways to recruit for a company is by using candidate pipelines so that you can be sure you are going after qualified candidates who might not have applied if they didn’t know there was an open position. It’s important to make these pipelines as specific as possible because it will help give your recruitment process more focus and efficiency.

5 Steps To Build a Better Recruiting Pipeline 

Identifying the requirements

The recruitment process also begins with determining what you require. Anticipate whether current positions are meeting the needs of the company. While conducting research is required when considering new job openings, it is important to keep track of relevant abilities, skills, and performances on a regular basis and identify what’s missing.

When you’ve decided to fill a vacancy, take a look at all of the available job openings and their requirements. Compare these to the abilities, qualifications, and experience the employer requires of the position you’re applying for. It’s time to move on to the next level if none of your current employees could fill that position with training.

Use ATS to screen candidates

Once you advertise a position, don’t just assume that the right people will see your job ad. Think about this as if it were one of your company’s products or services instead; you want the best possible candidates into the hiring pipeline.

Track which channels work well when advertising jobs and invest time into where potential applicants hang around online (LinkedIn groups? Facebook pages?). You also have to take an active approach in marketing and advertising it so that the right candidates do! Here’s how you can use an ATS like Webbtree’s to source qualified candidates.

Pro tip: you can integrate Webbtree ATS with your company’s careers site – whenever candidates apply for an open job, the ATS sorts their profiles and information under the respective position, making tracking much more manageable! You can also generate reports on candidates, candidate sources, etc., making it easier to retain and manage huge amounts of data in a single application!

Sourced candidates are twice as efficient to hire as applied candidates (source). To avoid missing out on talented candidates, it is highly recommended that you have an automated recruiting system in place which can efficiently filter potential employees using keywords or other factors.

Filters can be applied to your ATS-based searches based on definitive criteria to make finding the right candidates easier for you. This allows recruiters to focus their time only on the recruitment pipeline so that they don’t miss skilled candidates who may not meet all requirements initially but are worth considering later.

Track each stage’s performance

When you’re putting together your recruitment process, it’s important to consider the pipeline. It isn’t rigid and will need to be adjusted depending on what job position is available as well as customizing stages for your company needs. 

The key here is not just being able to see problems or deciding if certain stages are too much work; understanding how long candidates spend in each stage can let you know where they feel like there’s an issue with their application which might result in a higher drop out rate of potential employees.

Leverage internships

Internships are a vital piece of your recruiting pipeline. These programs have a huge impact on tech companies and offer great opportunities for students with knowledge in the field to get experience that’s relevant to their career goals.

A lot of tech companies recruit college students and recent graduates as interns, which gives them an opportunity to put theory into practice because they fill project-based roles while also learning new skills. On the other hand, managers have the opportunity to try out workers before making a full-time hire, rather than make a choice purely out of on-paper experience.

Sites like LinkedIn and Glassdoor are popular global choices for candidates when it comes to finding internships, i.e. they are great platforms to recruit interns from! However, demographic-specific sites such as WayUp (for pre-graduate and graduate interns) and Internjobs (for entry-level internships) are great choices for higher average candidate quality.

Prioritize employer branding

Companies that have a solid employer brand can capitalize on their reputation by attracting more talent and filling skill gaps. Build your employer brand by investing in employee development and asking team members to share positive stories related to their working experiences. 92% of candidates would switch jobs if the offering company has a well-built reputation! (source). This will help increase the reach of what you have going for it as an organization that is all about people!

Likewise, pay attention to the experience offered applicants throughout the interview process – whether or not they end up on your team candidates are talking about their interactions with the company – be sure to provide a positive candidate experience so more job seekers want to come through interviews. You can know more about employer branding in detail here.

A recruitment process is a never-ending journey for any company that wishes to thrive. With so much competition out there, it can be difficult to find and close the right talent. One way of ensuring your leads are well qualified is by automating candidate sourcing.

Webbtree ATS is an AI-powered, enterprise-level candidate recommendation system that takes you from sourcing to nurturing talent in 15 seconds. This ensures that there are always high-quality leads in your recruitment pipeline. Our software can help you find passive candidates with specific skills and cultural fit for your company by diversifying candidate sources. For more information, contact us today!

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