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Get contacts and grow talent pools on the fly using Webbtree's Chrome extension. Find candidates from across the web based on search parameters such as - skills, job titles, locations, companies.


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Search publicly available candidate profiles from platforms like Linkedin, GitHub, Stack Overflow, etc.
Get the search results of this X-Ray search in Webbtree, view profiles from the results on the specific platform that you searched on.

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Get contact details and grow talent pools on the fly

Enrich the profiles that you have sourced, with contact related data. Webbtree looks for publicly available contacts and social profile links of candidates and provides them to you for free. Additionally, Webbtree allows you to look for contacts from premium sources.

As you visit profiles on LinkedIn, GitHub, AngelList, Stack Overflow, easily add candidates to talent lists using Webbtree’s Chrome extension.

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From source to nurture in 15 seconds.

Create personalized email campaigns to engage candidates at scale. All replies to these emails will be sent to your registered email ID. Track all the emails sent through Webbtree against a candidate profile.
Also maintain logs of all calls made to a candidate and their outcomes for future reference.

Emails campaigns and Call logs
Talent pipeline

Talent pipeline

Get rid of spreadsheets. Perform CRM and track candidates on a simple cloud based platform. Group candidates into different lists. If you wish to share candidates, download these lists as excel.


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Search and grab unlimited profiles using the Chrome extension. Get monthly free credits for contact enrichment.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Yes, you can perform unlimited searches and can grab unlimited profiles using Webbtree's Chrome extension. Webbtree also looks for contacts of candidates and provides those for free to you. Apart from these you can look for contacts from premium sources. Webbtree provides 5 monthly credits for free for premium enrichment. You can shift to a better plan for more premium enrichment credits.

When you create a profile in Webbtree using the Chrome extension, Webbtree looks for contacts and social profile links of the candidate that are publicly available from across the sources and provides them to you for free. This is the basic contact enrichment. This doesn’t require any credits and is unlimited.
Alternatively, Webbtree also allows you to look for contacts from premium sources that we have partnered with using the premium enrichment option. This is limited as per the plan that you have subscribed to and consumes a credit if you get at least one contact(phone number or email ID) from the sources.

Webbtree looks for publicly available contacts and social profile links of candidates from various free platforms and paid services.

You can change a plan by clicking on accounts>usage>upgrade plan. This will take you to a page that displays all the pricing plans available, select one from them and our representative will get in touch with you with the further steps.

If you are on a paid plan and you choose to upgrade to a better plan, then you can either have the plan start from the next month or simply pay the difference between the two plans and have the plan activated from the ongoing month itself. We don't provide credits on a prorated basis. If you are on a free plan, your payment cycle will start from the day that the new plan activates.

No, your plan will not renew automatically. You will be notified via email 10 days before your plan expires. You can then request upgradation and have uninterrupted access to your credits as per the plan chosen.

Yes, our data is fully committed and compliant to GDPR regulations. To know more click here