Service Level Agreement

Last updated:

February 23, 2021

This Service Level Agreement outlines the description of the Services (defined as below) provided by WhiteCrow Research Private Limited (“WhiteCrow / We”) through the website ‘’ (“Website / Webbtree”) to the employer candidate and/or the designated employee of the employer candidate (“Employer Candidate / You / Your”) subscribing to such Services (“Service Agreement”).

The said Services (defined as below) are offered to the paid subscribers. The Website displays the terms and conditions applicable to the Employer Candidate availing the Services provided by WhiteCrow.

It is to be noted that, the Terms and Conditions along with the Data Privacy Policy [including addendum(s)], the Subscription Form and this Service Agreement, collectively form the “Agreement”. The capitalized terms unless defined herein shall have the same meaning assigned to them under the Terms and Conditions and the Data Privacy Policy. The terms stated and outlined under the Terms and Conditions shall be in addition to the terms under this Service Agreement.

By using, accessing and subscribing to the Services provided on the Website, the Employer Candidate agrees to be bound by the terms of the Agreement.

WhiteCrow through the Website may, from time to time, make changes to this Service Agreement. If WhiteCrow through the Website makes any material change in the Service Agreement, WhiteCrow shall notify the Employer Candidate of those changes by posting them on the Website and shall indicate the date of the last revision. Please note that, the Employer Candidate’s continued use of the Services after the changes have been posted to the Service Agreement will constitute the Employer Candidate’s acceptance of those changes.

WhiteCrow through the Website, provides services pursuant to a “software-as-a-service” (i.e., “SaaS”) elivery model, primarily in the nature of a ‘sourcing and talent pipelining tool in addition to an applicant tracking system’ under which You use the applicable software components (the “Software”) providing access to the database through the Website in addition to providing SaaS services via internet on a subscription service basis. For the purpose of availing the Services, the Employer Candidate will enter into and execute a subscription form, subscribing to the Services on the Website (“Subscription Form”). Accordingly, during the Term / Subscription Term / Trial Subscription Term, as the case may be and subject to the compliance to the provisions of the Agreement, WhiteCrow grants You a non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited, time-bounded, license (non-sub licensable) to access the database through the Website and use the SaaS services and/or Services (defined as below) via internet. The access to the database through the Website and the use of the SaaS services, may only be used in support of Your business operations.


    ‘Webbtree’s AI engine’ is a network of knowledge that stores data on jobs, skills, companies, industries, people, places and more. This enables WhiteCrow to provide a platform to identify the right talent and maximize the scope of search for talents through the Website. WhiteCrow’s Services grants access to the database through the Website which aid in sourcing, pipelining and tracking public profiles to identify and locate appropriate talent from across the internet. You shall select Your desired criteria and a list of options shall be available to You. To further ease the process, the Employer Candidate shall be free to filter the potential talents / candidates who are qualified to be a desired candidate for You. In addition to the ‘sourcing and talent pipelining tool’, the component of ‘applicant tracking system’ of the Service, will aid the Employer Candidate to better manage their internal hiring process with automation, collaboration and other tools upon gaining access to the database and the use of SaaS (“Service(s)/ WhiteCrow’s Services”).


    • Talent Pipeline: WhiteCrow through the Website provides a perfect bundle of features to help You organize Your sourcing efforts and shape Your talent pipeline as per Your organization’s future goals. Further, Webbtree sources talent effectively from multiple platforms and also manages the talent sourcing. Webbtree provides for this sourcing toolbox which may be used by You to speed up Your sourcing efforts and help you build the talent pipeline faster.
    • Applicant Tracking System: Webbtree has designed tools that, track applicants for Employer Candidate’s posting, fairly and consistently. This tool further allows You to configure Your hiring process for a smooth experience.

    1. WhiteCrow / Website will take appropriate measures in terms of redundancy, monitoring and platform management so as to ensure optimal service availability in addition to the periodic maintenance.
    2. The Services will be deemed unavailable in the event when the authentication to the Services is not possible. Such unavailability shall be deemed to be due to (i) planned downtime; or (ii) unavailability caused by circumstances beyond WhiteCrow’s control [Section 12 (Miscellaneous) of the Terms and Conditions] as specifically stipulated under Section 6.1 of the Terms and Conditions. The interruption or non-availability of the Services shall not continue beyond 24 (twenty four) hours in case of planned downtime. In case the interruption or non-availability of the Services caused due to planned downtime continues beyond the said period, the Employer Candidate may notify WhiteCrow of such interruption in the Services in the manner as stipulated under Section 8.1 of the Terms and Conditions.
    3. WhiteCrow will strive to maintain the service availability at the rate of 96% (ninety six percent), ensuring availability of Service throughout the Term / Subscription Term / Trial Subscription Term, as the case may be.

    WhiteCrow through the Website provides ‘service support’ to the Employer Candidate to answer questions and address issues within a reasonable time period not exceeding 4 (four) working days (“Response Time”).

    WhiteCrow / Website does not control the uptime of the third-party sites/Sites. WhiteCrow / Website shall not be held responsible or liable for any damage caused to the Employer Candidate pursuant to the same.


    During the subsistence of the Employer Candidate’s Term / Subscription Term / Trial Subscription Term, as the case may be, an escalation may be initiated after the Response Time as provided in Section 4, above, has lapsed. If the Employer Candidate has worked through the process as stipulated in Section 4, above, and is not satisfied with the level or timelines of service received, the Employer Candidate can escalate accordingly.

    Contact Information

    WhiteCrow through the Website strives to provide a bug-free, incident-free Service at all times during the Term / Subscription Term / Trial Subscription Term, as the case may be. The Employer Candidate shall notify/report WhiteCrow in the manner as stipulated in the Terms and Conditions, in the event of compromise / unauthorized use or suspicious activity in the Employer Candidate’s account.


    1. WhiteCrow / Website will protect the Employer Candidate’s data and ensure that the said data is secure and protect the same against any unauthorized use or access. You may also refer to the Data Privacy Policy available on the Website in this regard.
    2. WhiteCrow’s / Website’s security infrastructure includes:

      1. Webbtree’s computing infrastructure is provided by ‘Amazon Web Services’, a secure cloud services platform. Amazon’s physical infrastructure has been accredited under ISO 27001, SOC 1/SOC 2/SSAE 16/ISAE 3402, PCI Level 1, FISMA Moderate and Sarbanes-Oxley.
      2. WhiteCrow / Website has created a secure multi-tier network environment on top of Amazon’s infrastructure to make sure WhiteCrow / Website applications and data are protected and always accessible. Access to WhiteCrow / Website infrastructure is tightly controlled and monitored. In addition to strong security controls, WhiteCrow / Website also makes sure that the data WhiteCrow / Website collects remains available through full, daily backups, and is retained for 30 (thirty) days and tested weekly.
      3. Webbtree complies with its obligations as a data processor under the GDPR.
      4. WhiteCrow / Website uses secure coding practices and ensure that WhiteCrow / Website, at minimum, protected against the OWASP Top 10. All ‘Greenhouse applications’ undergo frequent third-party security assessments to catch any missed security bugs. WhiteCrow / Website also has a “bug bounty” program in which it pays hackers to responsibly report bugs they find in WhiteCrow’s / Website’s applications.
      5. The communication between You and WhiteCrow’s / Website’s servers is encrypted with 128-bit SSL/TLS encryption. All user passwords are securely hashed and the passwords are never stored in plain text. All data access is protected by a role-based access-control mechanism, which only lets users view data for which they have permission. It is impossible for the Website’s users to view data from organizations other than their own.
      6. Only authorized employees have access to WhiteCrow’s / Website’s production infrastructure and require strong authentication. We limit access to customer data to the employees who need it to provide support and troubleshooting on the Employer Candidate’s behalf. Accessing the Employer Candidate’s data is done solely on an ‘as-needed’ basis, and only when approved by the Employer Candidate (e.g., as part of a support request) or to provide proactive support and maintenance.
  8. BACK-UPS:

    A back-up of all the Employer Candidate’s data is made on a daily basis for test, acceptance and production environments and are stored on AWS in a Mumbai India datacenter. The Services are designed to have back-ups for a duration of 30 (thirty) days. WhiteCrow / Website shall provide backup of the data available on the Website to the Employer Candidate, for the purpose as stipulated in the Terms and Conditions.


    WhiteCrow shall strive to provide best industry practices including technical assistance to the Employer Candidate during the Term / Subscription Term / Trial Subscription Term, as the case may be. Technical assistance/options shall be made available on the Website by WhiteCrow for the following:

    • ‘Forgot Password’: To re-set password in case the Employer Candidate forgets the password of the operative account.
    • ‘Sign-in Options’: alternative sign-in options for the Employer Candidate to access the account.
    • ‘Renew Subscription’: easy click-on option to renew the subscription to the Services.
    • Any other technical matters requiring assistance.