3 reasons to hire on culture fit (and 5 ways on how to do it)

Banner 3 reasons to hire on culture fit (and 5 ways on how to do it)

Every company has a culture. It is the personality of the company and what it stands for. Culture can be seen as an umbrella term that includes values, beliefs, attitudes, behaviors, and norms. An employer must hire employees who fit into their company culture because the company and employees must have similar goals and expectations for everyone involved to succeed.

There is a direct correlation between how well employees fit into their company culture and how productive they are. Workplace cultures have been shown to impact everything from employee engagement to productivity and even turnover rates. 

This means that hiring for cultural fit can be as important as skillset, education, expertise, or experience.  With this in mind, it becomes clear why companies need to have a robust strategy for hiring talent with the right skillset who will thrive in their particular work environment. Here are 3 reasons why you should hire on culture fit: 

3 reasons to hire on culture fit

  1. Hiring a candidate who fits with your culture leads to better work

Hiring the right people for your company is one of the most important things you can do to see success. It’s not just about finding someone with experience and skills that match what you’re looking for – it’s also about finding people who fit into your organization, culture, and team. 

If an employee does not mesh well within your culture, they may not perform at their best level or contribute positively towards creating a great working environment. If an employer hires someone who doesn’t fit with their company’s values and goals, it will set them on a road to failure.

Recruiters and companies are always trying to find the right match for their open positions. They want someone skilled, motivated, and a good fit with their company culture. When you hire a candidate that fits in well at your workplace, it leads to more productivity which can lead to better work overall. 

Therefore, recruiters should always keep cultural fit in mind when looking through resumes and conducting interviews, as this should lead them to make more informed decisions about potential hires. 

  1. Culture fit affects employee retention rates

The company culture is one of the essential aspects of attracting and retaining employees. When an employee does not fit with the company culture, they are more likely to leave their job within three months. 

Recruiting is always tough but finding the right candidate is worth it in the long run. It’s more than just finding someone competent enough – it’s about finding someone who meshes well with your current staff and workplace environment.  

To retain employees, a company needs to hire those who are a good fit for their culture. Hiring based on culture fit can lead to an increased employee retention rate. Those employees who have been with a company longer can have better performance and knowledge of processes. Therefore a higher retention rate can maximize a company’s profits up to 4 times (source).

  1. Hiring for culture fit creates a more positive work environment

By focusing on hiring employees based on cultural fit rather than just skills and experience, employers can create a more positive work environment for themselves and the employee.

When an employee feels like they are part of something bigger than themselves and that their contributions matter, they work together with a team while having an individual voice and perspective on what needs to happen next with the business. 

This allows employees to be happier and keep their best talent on board at work when they feel like they belong there. Hiring someone with similar values or interests can help make this happen.

5 ways on how to do it

The culture of your company can be difficult to quantify. It’s not something you can describe in a couple of sentences, but it is important for hiring employees that are going to fit well within the organization. Hiring on culture fit provides benefits for both the employer and employee, which is why it should be taken into consideration when making offers. How do you go about hiring on culture? Here are some tips: 

  1. Make sure you have a set of values and how they translate into the role

It’s crucial to consider creating and documenting your company values. They help to describe what the founders and management hold as important, which ultimately helps to set expectations for all employees as well as allows employees to know how they should behave to be part of this organization’s culture.

Communicating the values of your company from day one helps to create an environment for success, where everyone works toward their common goals by upholding certain standards. That makes them feel like they belong with each other as staff.

The recruiter must have an understanding of what their organization values. With this knowledge in hand, recruiters can more easily identify candidates with similar or compatible interests. Start by creating a list of your organization’s top five core values. These would include respect, integrity, accountability, innovation, motivation, responsibility, and willingness to contribute ideas.

  1. Include a page within your website about your company’s values

Your company values are the foundation of your business and should not be forgotten. It’s not enough to just say you have them, you need to show people what they are too.

A good idea is to include a page on your company’s website that outlines its values. This way, recruiters and candidates – who will be looking for this information can easily find and learn more about your company values. It also helps you nurture the cultural fit among new employees, leading to higher productivity rates.

  1. Discuss values and your culture during the initial interview

Hiring the wrong person is expensive and time-consuming. During the initial interview, the employer should ask questions about the company values and what they look for in new employees – because this will help them determine if the candidate’s personality is well-suited for the job. 

Anyone involved in the recruitment process must have a good understanding of company culture & values, as well as themselves demonstrating those qualities expected by company values during interviews or assessments.  It can make or break a company’s reputation if the interviewer does not represent these key company traits.

  1. Ask questions that relate directly to company values

During the recruitment interview, find out how well your potential candidate fits in with other employees. Instead of sticking to just skill-based questions, include questions designed to determine personality and cultural fit. 

These types of questions can include inquiries about their personality and cultural preferences to see if they would be happy living or working overseas for an extended period. Ask these interview questions in the interview:

  • What would you like about working here?
  • How does this position contribute to our core values?
  • Which values are important to you as a person?
  • If given a role choice here, which job would you like the most?
  • Have you read our values? Which one resonated with you the most?
  • What type of team do you succeed in?
  • Are you comfortable with our values and what they imply?
  1. Add company values in any advertising for the job openings

Recruiters and companies often advertise their jobs with a slogan. The more enticing the slogan, the better chance you have at getting someone to apply to your vacancy. One way to enhance this is by adding an additional sentence that clarifies what kind of person they are looking for. This shows potential applicants that you care about them as a person and want them on board if they share similar beliefs or passions with your company.

You can always use these statements when promoting job openings or interviewing potential new hires because they help determine whether their cultural fit fits within those shared ideals.

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