How to Find High-Quality Candidates on LinkedIn

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LinkedIn is one of the best places to find passive talent that are looking for jobs. That is because LinkedIn provides a public platform where professionals can search and connect with other professionals, which means you have access to millions of potential candidates at your fingertips! So, whether you are looking to fill a position at your company or just want to expand your professional network, LinkedIn is a great resource that should not be overlooked.

With LinkedIn, you can search for specific skills or jobs, find out company information such as location and industry, and even contact potential candidates directly by sending them an InMail message. On LinkedIn, you can access a vast pool of talented professionals who are active and engaged on the platform. 

By using LinkedIn effectively, you can find the best candidates for your company. However, finding the right candidates on LinkedIn can be difficult if you don’t know where to look, but there are a few simple steps you can take. 

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  1. Search candidates actively using keywords

    How do recruiters find candidates on LinkedIn? The answer lies in the role keywords play. Passive candidates can be hard to find, but with the right keywords, they will come up. So, if you are looking for a way to increase your chances of finding passive candidates and making it easier than ever before, consider using keywords in your search efforts. 

    When trying to locate passive employees who are not actively seeking a job but might be interested, by using keywords in your searches you can narrow down the results to those who are most relevant to your needs. This can save you time and energy in locating the best talent for your company.

    Keywords can refer to both the job title and the location. Employers find local talent better suited for positions, so using location-based keywords allows you to filter results more efficiently on Linkedin. For example, if your job title is “Software Developer” then using words like ‘software’ and ‘development’ with location name would narrow down results based on what skills an employer needs in their company!

    From those filtered results, use additional keywords related to the level of education and experience required to fill the position. Using a reputable industry name along with the job title is also another good strategy.
  1. Create a keyword-rich profile.

    You will not always find the best candidates on LinkedIn, sometimes they come looking for your company by using the search function and relevant keywords. Keywords can help you find candidates, but they can also help potential candidates find your company. This not only helps them get hired faster but also means more qualified potential employees who will stay in touch long term.

    With so many different people using LinkedIn, it is important to make your company page stand out by incorporating keywords that are relevant to your industry. Adding frequently used or relevant keywords to your company’s LinkedIn page, along with employee profiles, is an excellent way to attract passive candidates.

    This will help your company show up in searches for those terms that passive candidates use to locate companies related to your industry.  For example: if your company provides a website creation service, adding keywords such as “web development” or “web designing” will help you reach a wider audience of potential applicants. 

    Include specific job titles and industry-specific details such as area of expertise, products and services, and even different locations across the country. Keep your company’s job postings up-to-date and listed on LinkedIn to help encourage potential candidates or employees to stay in touch with what is happening at the company.
  1. Use your company page to market yourself as a desirable employer

    Refining your profile is an important way to attract qualified candidates. One of the best techniques for using LinkedIn effectively means promoting the benefits of working with your company, as well as providing some opportunities. It allows potential candidates to see what it is like to work for your company and also gives them a glimpse of the culture.

    Improve the way you present your company on social media channels like LinkedIn. Make sure to include anything that makes your company appealing to LinkedIn job seekers.

    The goal is for recruiters who are looking for talent to find passive candidates. The best way to ensure this happens is by sharing compelling content regularly on the company’s page that gets them interested in learning more about your company.

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  1. Use LinkedIn’s “People Also View” Feature

    Recruiters now have the ability to see what other people viewed on LinkedIn, allowing them to discover potential candidates they may not otherwise have found. This new feature is known as “People Also Viewed” and it allows recruiters or employers to find hidden talent by seeing who has looked at their company pages, profiles, job postings, etc.

    The “People Also Viewed” feature on LinkedIn can help you spot potential candidates that may have been overlooked or missed by your search methods. You can also use this feature to see who has shown interest in the company and contact them directly, as well as what they are working on at their current job. People are more likely to respond if they feel like you have already taken an interest in them.

    With this tool in place, it is easier than ever for recruiters or employers to find qualified candidates that are just right for the position they are looking to fill!
  1. Encourage employees to share and network

    LinkedIn is a platform for professionals to connect with other professionals and learn about new job opportunities. This can be especially valuable for companies that are looking to expand their reach or hire new employees. Encourage your employees to share your company’s posts with their networks to help build your company’s network. By using LinkedIn effectively, your company can benefit from increased brand awareness, connections, and even new hires. 

    When an opportunity comes up for a new position, employees will be able to share it with their network. Making the process of finding candidates easier for employers, employees can share job openings and information related to benefits. By using employees as recruiters, you can find top talent and improve your search capabilities. 

    This is because they will be able to share any job openings with friends or family members who may know someone appropriate for the position. This can help you reach qualified candidates who may not have heard about your company or job openings. And, it is a great way to tap into LinkedIn’s vast network of users.

    Not only does this help fill positions more quickly than traditional methods but also allows companies access open doors that would otherwise be closed before.
  1. Use social profile tags and open to work profiles

    Another way to find a potential candidate on LinkedIn is by using the #OpenToWork feature. This lets job seekers and recruiters connect, allowing them both to access the social network’s extensive database of available positions on LinkedIn.

    You can also run searches in Recruiter on LinkedIn and select “Open To New Opportunities” at the top of your search results for new opportunities that will help recruiters like yourself fill open positions faster! With this, you can search for candidates who have identified themselves as being open to new opportunities. This could be a great way to find qualified candidates who are already interested in making a change.

    This feature allows you to view job seekers that have indicated they are open to new opportunities on their LinkedIn profiles. You can search for candidates by location, skills, and years of experience. This feature makes it easy to find talented candidates who may be a good fit for your company.

    Another tag that is used is “Open to Relocate,” which helps you find candidates who are willing to relocate to another location for the right position. Using social profile tags or hashtags makes it easier to filter results and find potential candidates.
  1. Utilize job title hashtags to find candidates

    On LinkedIn, job seekers can share their professional interests in a way that is similar to how they might on Twitter or Facebook. Job title hashtags are one of the most popular ways for professionals to categorize themselves and identify potential opportunities.

    Hashtags can help connect you with other professionals who are interested in the same thing as you are. They can also assist recruiters and job seekers in locating relevant positions or information on LinkedIn. When you click the hashtag, all posts that have been tagged with this particular keyword will be available for viewing in one place to make your search easier, and this can be an easy way of keeping up with what is going around in your industry.

    The right hashtags can increase your company’s visibility on LinkedIn and help job seekers find you if they search those hashtags. Similarly, if they post content with a hashtag that you click, you can find potential candidates.

    Tip: When employees share open roles, encourage them to use specific hashtags in their posts or comments. This will help market the job opening and expand word of mouth around it, so the post can expand awareness and help make it more easily searchable.

The more time you can spend on LinkedIn, the better your chance of finding high-quality candidates. But how do you make sure your search is complete? Well, With Webbtree in place, you can source your ideal candidate on LinkedIn and engage with them to close positions faster. 

The Webbtree platform helps hiring teams find the right talent for their company by providing all of the information about potential employees from one central location. You get access to thousands of profiles at once so that you have more time working, not searching. This will give you a good idea of not only the type of person that they are but also if it is something that would be beneficial to your company or team.

Webbtree tools eliminate the guesswork that comes along with sourcing candidates by automating tasks like searching through profiles, sorting results based on company size or location, screening resumes to find qualified applicants quickly, and sending messages directly.

Webbtree Application Tracking System ATS is one such tool that allows employers to streamline their recruitment strategy and create a more efficient system for finding qualified candidates. This ATS tracks all of your applicants in an easy-to-read format, so it is easier than ever before to organize applications and identify which ones need attention first. If you want to learn more about how this software could be used for your business needs, learn more here!

It is important to make sure that your company only hires the best talent, so be sure to give WebbTree a try today! 

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