Launching Recroot: the only platform a recruiter needs

Launching Recroot: the only platform a recruiter needs

“Hiring the best is your most important task” : Steve Jobs

It is not surprising at all, seeing Apple create one visionary product after another, that they had perfected something else as well- recruiting the best since decades.

In 2022, hiring the best candidate fastest is every company’s priority. The Recruiting teams- inhouse or staffing agencies are under more pressure than ever. The job descriptions & skills are so specific that outbound recruitment is now more popular than ever. There is cutthroat competition of companies globally looking for quality candidates, extra enabled by the remote conditions- the net is wider than ever.

But the road to finding the perfect candidate is hardly perfect. From finding the right candidate when the job board licenses cost a kidney and a little more and spending hours of time coordinating manually with the candidate, internal stakeholders – scheduling interviews, transferring feedback to make sure the ball is kept rolling, till it scores. Doing this for multiple vacant positions at the same time, makes you nothing less than a superhero.

While marketing & sales getting updated tools practically every year- martech stack reaching nearly 10,000 players in 2022, HR tech remains woefully behind, forcing recruiters to use tools from the 90s to deliver on targets from the 21st century.

There are disparate pieces like Talent CRMs & ATSs that handle disparate parts of the recruitment process. But nothing that has options & features to cater for recruiters end-to-end.

Enter Recroot.

What is Recroot?

Recroot is a solution that helps recruiters to put down roots for all their recruitment activities seamlessly in 1 platform- right from sourcing, social recruiting to building pipelines, communicating with candidates, applicant tracking -interview scheduling and more. No more excel sheets or multiple email threads or 4 dozen trackers needed.

Recroot reduces your dependency on exorbitantly priced job boards through an easy & intuitive interface for Boolean search & Xray search- the friends of new age recruiters. You can find the top candidates that fit through LinkedIn, GitHub, Stackoverflow, Xing, Angellist, Behance, Dribbble & many more and download their contact through credits. With one click you can download this to Recroot and create role based pipelines with custom communications- no more individual emailing needed! 

Recroot also comes with everything in a best of class ATS: From setting up a transparent, customized screening, interviewing process from your talent pipeline to hiring collaboratively without the coordination hassles of copy pasting & repeat emails to various stakeholders. Get your own custom careers pageBut here is the cherry on the top, you can also analyze & improve performance of your recruitment processes with data driven analytics. 

With Recroot, we are trying to build the future of recruitment & sourcing as we know it, where recruiters can leave all the manual mundane aspects of talent acquisition to us and focus your attention on where it really matters- putting together the best team ever.

We are opening up Recroot for a free sneak peak for a month. Here is the link for the free trial. 

Feel free to share any feedback you might have here. We would love to know what you think.

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