Talent Acquisition and Sales, Not very different!

The Candidate matches well with your needs. They are even looking forward to being a part of the company, you’re in constant contact with them, but then just when you’re about to close the deal they drop off. Sounds familiar ? Ever noticed how Talent Acquisition is just like Sales ? Oh yes they actually are Metaphors!

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Sourcing = Identifying Audience

Targeting the right audience is the foundation for making a Sale. Share details of the product to build their interest, and then find out if they are willing and competent to pay for it. And this is also how Sourcing should be. Finding the right pool of candidates and doing the required background check, ensuring they would fit well with the job opening and contribute extensively to the growth of the company. 

Depending on the recruitment strategy of your company, sourcing can be done in various ways. Below are some ways to source potential candidates in an effective manner –

  1. Social Media Networks

When you’re a well known company with many followers online, social Media channels are very effective It is a free tool (with added charges), allowing you to source potential candidates. The platforms that fall under this are LinkedIn, Facebook, GitHub, Xing, AngelList, etc. Webbtree’s X-Ray Search Tool is the best for this task. 

  1. Job Boards

This will ensure a pool of applications, if job description and other necessary details are filled in correctly. Platforms like Indeed, Glassdoor and Google can be used to make your job postings. Webbtree offers a one click posting feature to 10+ JobBoards. 

  1. Career Fairs

One of the oldest sourcing methods from the book is Career Fairs and Job Fests. This helps get in a flood of resumes, on the condition that the company’s brand awareness and marketing presence are in place.

  1. Employee Referrals 

Who better to recommend than an employee of the company, they are well aware of the work environment of the company and the requirements for the same. This is a very effective way for closing positions. With Webbtree it is easier to track the resumes of the candidates who have come in through employee references, displaying them in the larger candidate pool. 

  1. Career Page

This helps to showcase your open positions, attracting active job seekers converting to a valuable candidate pool. Webbtree provides you with a customisable career page, which can be managed and edited easily.

Know more about Ways to source potential candidates.

The best way to search potential candidates is Webbtree’s X-Ray Search Tool. Reviewed by the sourcing powerhouse Dean De Costa himself. It can be used for sourcing candidates across multiple social channels including LinkedIn, GitHub, etc.

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Interest Building 

It is important to know if the customer is actually interested in the product and sees its usefulness. This will be the first step on the customer end. In the same way the recruiter has to make sure that the candidate is interested or at least looking for a job. Basic details that should be exchanged by both the parties, in order to ensure that the candidate does not drop off in the process. Few pointers to keep in mind are as follows:

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  1. Qualifications and Skills

Minimum requirements pertaining to Qualifications required for the job should be mentioned in order to eliminate under qualified candidates. This should be specific and should differ from position to position. 

  1. Previous Salary and Expectations/offering

This is an important factor to be considered as most negotiations fail before even starting. It is important that you are aware of the candidate’s previous Salary as well as their expectations, and go ahead only if they are in your payable price range/bracket.

  1. Past Experience

This aids to do background checks on the candidate, and also know what all tasks were handled by the candidate, helping you gauge him/her better. 

  1. Location/ Ready to relocate

This is the second most common reason why candidates drop off, because either their place of stay and work are too far or they are not willing to relocate. So it is better to mention it prior itself. 

  1. Job Setup

After Covid, it is also a requirement to mention if the job requires the hired candidate to physically come to office, or its a Work From Home setup or a Hybrid setup. Additionally to this it is also better to specify if it’s a full time or part time position.  

  1. Job Description 

This is the main attraction factor for a candidate. It helps put across the expectations of the company, for the vacant positions. It is important to convey all the responsibilities that are expected to be taken up, and also mention a day-to-day task list. 

  1. Company’s Vision, Mission and Values

It is important that the applying candidate understands the goals of the company well, and that their beliefs align with Company’s, as, if hired, they will be working towards achieving the goals collectively.

To make this process easier, Webbtree’s Chrome Extension feature is a life saver. It helps to automatically extract candidate details from their LinkedIn, GitHub and Naukri profiles to your Webbtree Dashboard. It can also be used to get contact information, which may not be available on their profiles’ directly. This makes it easier to directly contact the candidates. Additionally, you can use the pre-defined email template, for faster communication, to shoot emails in bulk. 

Screening and Interviewing/ Evaluating = Lead Generation 

Cultivating customers for a business’ products or services is the next crucial part of making a sale. This is important to be done right in order to not waste time moving ahead. And so is required while Recruiting, every candidate has to be precisely evaluated in order to make sure that they do not drop off later for a predictable reason.

Webbtree’s mailing feature is very helpful here. It also allows you to schedule interviews, generate meeting links and calendar invites automatically with Zoom, Teams and Google Meets, integrated with Webbtree, not only on the candidate front, but also for the interviewers. Additionally, the Feedback collection feature helps to score/rate the candidate after the interview. Every interviewer is sent an automated feedback form, with reminder mails. This makes it easier for the Recruiter to categorize the candidate and decide to either move him/her ahead in the Talent Pipeline or Reject him/her. 

Candidate Engagement = Relationship Management

Constant contact with a customer is as important as maintaining contact and building a relationship with your candidates. In Sales it is required to make sure that they don’t drop off in the middle, without your product or service being bought. This is equally important for a recruiter to ensure that the candidate does not drop off in the middle of the process because of lack of communication. So constant follow up is required. Webbtree’s predefined template emailers make this effortless. 

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There are also a set of basic communications that should be made by the company to the candidate, such as:

  1. Workplace Environment 

The candidate should be made aware of the environment that is followed in the workplace, the timings and the hours that need to be dedicated in a day to work, lunch breaks, etc. The Dress code worn should also be communicated. Workplace Environment is also a deciding factor for many candidates.

  1. Company Benefits

This should be made clear and given in writing. The insensitives if any should be clarified with the terms and conditions. The additional benefits like Provident Fund, Health Insurance, Wellness Programs, etc should be communicated. 

  1. Holidays and Days Off

The number of paid leaves allowed should be mentioned, with the offs that would be given during festive days. The company should also specify the procedure for taking a long leave.

The Candidates should be made aware of all the important things related to the job and the company, as all of it plays an important role in decision making, for both the candidates as well as the company, in case both are not able to come to a consensus for a particular clause. 

Hiring = Closing (Done Deal)

Closing a sale is like a make or break situation in sales, and the same applies to making a Hire. It is very important to hire the right person for the right job. The success of this step is the biggest milestone. The end motive is to convert the buyer to a repeat customer, and for a recruiter, to hire a candidate that fits right and works for a longer period, working towards the goal of the company. 

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Both the processes, Sales as well as Talent Acquisition can be very tedious to complete, reaching the last stage is crucial, but isn’t it worth all the effort!?

Not sure how we can help with making Sales easy for you, but we can surely help with Talent Acquisition. Sign up now for a Free Trial! 

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