What is A Job Requisition? A Full Guide

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A job requisition is a document used by employers to outline the requirements and expectations of a position. The employer will use this form to determine which applicants are qualified for the position, then contact those people with offers.

Employers use this document as one way to find qualified applicants. Job requisition forms are important documents because they are often utilized during the initial phases of recruitment and in some cases play a pivotal role in finalizing decisions on new hires.

They allow companies to gather all pertinent information about desired candidates in one place and may help them decide which person they will hire for the role.

They can also be used internally to communicate among teams about the needs of new hires.

A typical job requisition form will have a list of desired qualifications and whether or not they are required, preferred, or must be met for consideration. Job requisitions can vary in length, but usually contain the following elements:

– Qualifications required

– Skills

– Job title

– Department

– Salary range and/or benefits

–  Job start date

–  Contract details (full-time, part-time)

–  Working hours (if necessary)

–  Name of the hiring manager

– Type of hire (new, replacement, reallocation)

–  Reason for the new hire

–  Budgeting options for the role

Creating a job requisition form

The process of creating a job requisition form can be daunting and time-consuming. With so many details to consider, it is easy to get lost in the technicalities and forget what you are really trying to achieve.

The first thing you will notice when looking at a job requisition is whether or not it is open to internal candidates only, external candidates only, or if both types of applicants can apply. The second thing you will want to do is carefully review all of the listed requirements in order to determine whether or not this opportunity matches your skillset and experience level.

A well-written, concise and informative requisition form will help attract qualified candidates. Here are the steps on how to write a job requisition:

1. Be specific about why there is a need for the new position  

You need to make sure that the reason for justifying this new hire is listed clearly and thoroughly detailed so that it can get approved. 

Make sure that you are highlighting all the details such as why this new hire is needed, what its benefits are, and how it is essential to your company.

When you highlight what your company stands to gain from this new hire, it can make a stronger case for the requisition to get approved.

2. Make a very detailed job description

A comprehensive job description will not only help your company see the value of the open position but will also help you make a stronger case for justifying the need for hiring.

 A detailed job description should include all the expectations that your company requires from this role. State the goals that are expected to be accomplished from the prospective candidate, and from the role that may take on.

 A detailed job description will also be helpful in conveying exactly what is required from the prospective candidate.

3. Involve relevant department managers as well

Seek the input of managers from relevant departments and explain to them how they will also benefit from this new hire. Involving others in this process will further justify the need for making the new hire. 

By getting their approval, and asking them to co-sign the requisition, it makes it even easier for your requisition to be approved. 

The job requisition process is a delicate one. There are a lot of considerations to take into account when going through the hiring process for your company, and you have to make sure that everything is done correctly in order for it all to work out as desired. Speeding up the candidate hunt after the process of job requisition is now easier with Webbtree.

Webbtree provides hiring managers with the ability to raise job requisitions to the HR team, giving them a head-start when it comes to candidate search. You can also make use of these requisitions to open jobs directly!

Webbtree covers all major aspects of a job requisition form, including required qualifications, salary range, contract details, working hours, and even budgeting options! Apart from all of this, you can make use of the Notes section to take down miscellaneous points regarding each individual candidate.

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With our enterprise HR automation solution, Webbtree ATS, you can take advantage of the integrated job boards system and get your job requisitions completed faster! You can know more about it here. Apart from job board integrations, Webbtree ATS also offers other amazing features like employee referrals, customized hiring flows, and email campaigns, too!

You can contact us today for more information.

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