How Can You Improve Your Employer Branding Using Digital Tools?

With the current talent shortages, businesses rely on their employer branding to rise above their competitors. The Chief Executive reveals that 69% of companies consider employer branding as one of their top priorities as a business, so that they can attract candidates, retain workers, and engage their employees. A company’s reputation as an employer matters now more than ever, as 91% of job seekers research a potential employer’s brand before sending in their application.

While it may seem like a lot of work to establish a good reputation as an employer, you can launch strong recruitment and workplace programs with the help of these strategies:

Manage your business social media accounts with the right apps

Gone are the days when social media platforms were only for personal use. It’s critical for employers to build social media accounts because many professionals browse the social platforms of potential employers for insight, according to an employer branding survey by Capitalize. Approximately 60% of job candidates research a company’s salary data, company culture, and other benefits on LinkedIn, followed by Glassdoor, Facebook, and Twitter.

Managing all these social media platforms may seem overwhelming. To make the process easier, you can use social media management tools like Sprout Social to handle your business’ Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other channels all on one platform. Sprout Social also has an Employee Advocacy tool, which integrates your employees’ posts about your business on your social media network.

Leverage apps that can streamline your communication efforts

E-mail may seem like an old-school communication tool for many. However, your e-mail strategy is critical for your employer branding because it’s your first touchpoint with job applicants and one of the main communication tools in the workplace.

In fact, e-mail communication is one of the top digital communication strategies outlined by Maryville University. This is because workers spend approximately 3.1 hours per day checking their work e-mail. You can make these hours more meaningful by using Flodesk to create newsletters that keep employees up to date with company developments and brand opportunities. You can also leverage this intuitive e-mail builder tool to send surveys to job applicants regarding their job application experience with your company.

Invest in tools that can help manage brand damage

Georgetown University professor Brooks Holtom, an employer branding expert, explains that even Facebook and other big employers are vulnerable to losing talent due to brand damage. Unfortunately, a damaged hiring brand can cost you about $5,000 per employee.

To avoid this costly consequence, you need to invest in PR solutions like Prowly, which can create and distribute press releases. It also offers online newsroom hosting, so that you can clarify the events and protect your brand immediately.

Use ATS in creating a uniform candidate experience

First impressions matter. This is especially true regarding employer branding, which is why you must start by creating a good experience for job candidates.

Applicant tracking systems, like our Webbtree Recroot, improves the candidate experience because it allows candidates to view all open positions at your company and apply seamlessly while enabling you to maintain constant communication and provide relevant feedback to candidates at the required stages of the hiring process. If a candidate is not accepted for the position automatic emails are triggered to keep the candidates in loop. The career site you receive with Webbtree also provides an option to the candidates to apply for any future openings with a personalized message in case they do not find any relevant opening. Here’s how it looks:


While this already makes the candidate experience seamless, the applicant tracking systems also tracks different metrics regarding the efficiency of the hiring process. This helps to boost your company’s branding further.


In conclusion keeping track of your employer branding will only be difficult when you don’t use the right digital tools. So if you want to make an excellent first impression on your potential employees, start using Webbtree’s ATS: Recroot for your recruitment efforts. Recroot helps streamline the hiring processes to ensure that your HR team and the job candidates have a smooth experience.

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